Industrial complex with appurtenances

Industrial complex for sale located in Isola Vicentina (VI), in S.P. 46 of Pasubio n.36. This is a large lot on which industrial buildings stand, located in an artisan area in the immediate vicinity of the town. The property has two driveways, one on via delle Scotte and one on the Strada del Pasubio. The entire complex consists of a series of buildings, the largest of which are two warehouses (identified as shed "A" and "B") for artisanal / industrial use connected to each other by a canopy-portico.Shed "A" includes on the ground floor a series of ancillary rooms intended for storage, warehouses, canteen, laboratories, changing rooms, archives, electrical cabin, compressor room, etc .. On the first floor there are rooms for offices, meeting rooms and direction. The plant equipment of the shed consists of two overhead cranes, a freight elevator, a weighbridge, two electrical substations, a compressor room and the alarm and fire prevention systems.Shed "B" was built in 2001 and consists of a large full-height volume intended for storage. In a 2005 intervention, a mezzanine with a metal staircase belonging to another property was created. The plant equipment includes two freight elevators, a vertical warehouse, alarm and fire prevention systems. Outside the shed there is a roofing structure that connects it to a shed belonging to another property and a shed with a metal structure, both urbanistically unauthorized.The property includes a greenhouse and the large open area of ​​relevance which also includes an area with a decent building capacity.On the roof of the shed "A", in correspondence with the original nucleus of the production complex, for an area of ​​about 1,600 square meters, there is the presence of elements with asbestos fibers, the cost for the removal or encapsulation of the sheets, as well as the cost for any remaking of the mantle was calculated in the valuation of the property as per the attached appraisal.The asset is not compliant but can be regularized.Commercial areas:Shed "A": 9,103.2 sq mShed "B": 3,736.2 square metersGreenhouse: 516.7 sqmBuilding land: 11,161 sqmOutdoor area: 8,325 sq.m.Total commercial area: 32,842 square metersFull ownership of:Industrial complex (CF): Sheet 8 - Particle 7 - Subaltern 9, 10 - Cat. D / 1Guardian house (CF): Sheet 8 - Parcel 7 - Subaltern 5 - Cat. A / 2BCNC (CF): Sheet 8 - Particle 7 - Subaltern 8Land (CT): Sheet 8 - Particle 7 Visita l'immobile:


  • Contratto : Vendita
  • Riferimento : 11676
  • Tipologia: Capannone
  • Comune: Isola Vicentina
  • Prezzo: 5.729.000 €
  • Mq: 32.842
  • Classe energetica:
  • I.P.E.:N.D.

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Rata mensile
10.275 €

  • Importo richiesto : 5.729.000 €
  • Mutuo finanziato: 2.864.500 €
  • Durata mutuo: 30 anni
  • TAN: 2.28%
  • TAEG: 2,41%
  • LTV: 50%
  • Liquidità iniziale: 2.864.500 €

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