2/3 share of semi-detached house

2/3 share of semi-detached house for sale located in Isola Vicentina (VI), in via Pasubio 73. The property is located in the northern suburbs of the municipality, near the municipal area of ​​Malo and close to the S.P. 46 that connects Vicenza with Schio. This is a reconversion production area, with artisanal or industrial settlements within mainly residential areas. The property consists of a residential building built in 1964, originally born as a building for two residential units, has been adapted over time and is now used for a single family unit, consisting of rooms for the living area on the ground floor and rooms for the sleeping area on the first floor with partly unused rooms. The building is spread over three floors, one underground and two above ground: the basement consists of a hallway and cellar; the ground floor has a kitchen, dining room, living room, atrium, hallways, study and bathroom; the first floor consists of hallways, kitchen, living room, two large bedrooms, a single bedroom, bathroom and terrace with spiral staircase connecting to the roof. The property includes the appurtenant external courtyard, partly paved in concrete and concrete and partly intended for greenery / garden. A part of the courtyard (entire map 1378 and portion of the map 1377) is linked to public parking, while another part (a portion of the map 1377 and a portion of the map 1283) is burdened with ease of passage in favor of the map 606 ( Lot 1: "Craft shed with office" for sale at auction no .: 9662).The property is not compliant but can be regulated.The movable assets indicated in the attached "Appraisal appraisal", indicated in Lot: 44, for a total of 1,800 euros are included in this sale.Property described in "Real estate appraisal" attached as "Lot 2".Gross surfaces:Basement: 12 sq mGround floor: 140 sq mFirst floor: 133 sq mTerrace: 33 m2External courtyard: 491 m22/3 properties of:House (CF): Sheet 8 - Particle 1283 - Sub. 2, 3 - Cat. A / 2Common court (CF): Sheet 8 - Particle 1283 - Sub. 1 - Cat. BCNCUrban authority (CF): Sheet 8 - Particle 1283 - Cat. F / 110/12 properties of:Terrain (CT): Sheet 8 - Particle 1377, 1378 Visita l'immobile: www.realestatediscount.it/aste-immobili/quota-di-2-3-di-abitazione-bifamiliare-9785/


  • Contratto : Vendita
  • Riferimento : 9663
  • Tipologia: Bifamiliare
  • Comune: Isola Vicentina
  • Prezzo: 50.381 €
  • Mq: 318
  • Classe energetica:
  • I.P.E.:N.D.

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Rata mensile
199 €

  • Importo richiesto : 50.381 €
  • Mutuo finanziato: 50.381 €
  • Durata mutuo: 30 anni
  • TAN: 2.28%
  • TAEG: 2,41%
  • LTV: 100%
  • Liquidità iniziale: 0 €

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